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The meat process consists of highly trained workers, automated machines and ante-mortem & post-mortem inspection by government approved vets. The SUCO team monitors the entire process to ensure that the meat is hygienically processed, packed and delivered safely to our clients, worldwide.

  • Buffalos are transported from the animal market(Mandi) to the outside lairage of our plant on small trucks.  Each animal is required to go through an antemortem inspection before they are moved to the inside lairage of the plant.

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  • Buffalos form a single file outside the slaughter room before slaughter and each Buffalo is taken one by one to the Halal Box, facing the Mecca, through a single door. The purpose of the single file and door is to prevent the animals from looking inside the room, reducing stress levels resulting in tenderer meat.

  • The Buffalos are slaughtered as per Islamic rights and 100% Halal certified by Moulvi supervising the slaughter process. The animals are hung upside down allowing them to bleed completely before the skinning and evisceration process.

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  • After slaughter, each carcass is required to go through a post-mortem inspection by a government-approved vet and only the approved carcasses are moved to the chiller, where they are stored overnight at 8° C/ 46.4° F.

  • The Buffalo carcasses are then deboned and packed into different cuts as per client requirements and stored in the blast freezer at -40° C/F for 24 hours before being sent to the cold storage.

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  • Every container exported by SUCO will have an individual Halal and The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority(APEDA) Certificate confirming the quality and source of the meat.

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