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SUCO is committed to offering the best service in the business while maintaining a standard of excellence that is second to none. Our network of plants in India have a combined capacity of over 1500 animals(210ton)/day. This strategically located vast network allows us to meet your needs efficiently no matter the country of import. Further to simplify your procurement of premium Indian Buffalo Meat, SUCO has approvals to export to over 40+ countries.
Following our legacy, we believe in fostering relations for life, and consider our clients as partners. The purpose of our job is to fulfil your customers needs. Our win-win motto allows us to build a long term relationship with all our stakeholders.
Contact us at and create partnerships that last generations. 


A strong family business legacy that goes back to the 1900s when Dewan Khusi Ram Sud, fondly known as Ji, founded Associated Traders and Engineers Private Limited. It was one of the largest transport companies in India with 1500+ employees and 165 offices across the country. In the 1960s, Ji’s sons Amrik Rai Sud and Amrit Rai Sood decided to carve their paths and both entered the meat industry and in a short period, they were well established. 

Following the same path and the strong family legacy, the fourth generation from Ajay Sud's family, Ashwin Rai Sud and Aditya Rai Sud founded Suco Exports Private Limited with one vision insight - To export high-quality meat and meat products worldwide and create partnerships that last generations


Following the family legacy, SUCO is one of the largest, most trusted and certified meat exporters. For generations we have been providing top-notch meat of international standard to partners across India and overseas.


We pride ourselves not just on our quality meat but also on our reliable and smooth logistical solutions. The specialists at SUCO are fully trained and will support you every step of the way, offering guidance and advice along the way.


We think of our clients as partners in business and we treat them as such. We do more than just offer simple meat export solutions. We listen to your needs, follow through on our promises, and work hard for your repeat business. Always working towards further strengthening relationships.


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Honest Respect For All

No person or work is small. We equally respect everyone that comes in touch with us and make sure we treat them with respect.

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Complete Transparency

Anything we do is done with complete transparency with everyone involved in the process. We believe in honesty and trust.

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Empowering Others

We give the power to all stakeholders invested in our company. Be it the employees, partners or the customer. 

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Collaborating & Mutual Benefit

We don't believe in winning alone, we take others along. Collaboration is the base to our success.


Be the most trusted provider of premium meat to our partners and build relations that last a lifetime. We strive to provide premium meat globally so that there are no boundaries for people to enjoy quality meat. We have devoted ourselves to provide the best products and services to our partners. Providing simplified premium meat solutions globally.

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